List your items, events, or jobs on the Central Coast!

Central Coast Classifieds is your one place to find items, community events, help-wanted ads or offer your own contracting services! It's like a flea market, online!

A simple, modern way to share your listings

Everything you need to get the word out

Ancient listing sites haven't kept up with the times, and others are too convoluted within their parent application. We want to make it simple for everyone to network.

Why use Central Coast Classifieds?

How do you compare with Craigslist?
Craigslist's design hasn't been changed since it launched. We want to take advantage of some of the modern advances in web technology to create a better experience when search listings or viewing statistics for your postings such as views, clicks, better bookmarking of posts and more. All of which will be standard features.
But Facebook Marketplace is modern?
While Facebook Marketplace does have modern features, we want to offer a product to those who don't use Facebook as well. For those that do, we want to create a better experience by reducing spambot accounts messaging you asking for your Venmo or other payment info. Another issue with Facebook Marketplace is not the tech, but the fact there is an overwhelmingly amount of classified/listing groups for the 805 and Central Coast, that you don't know which one is the best to use. We want to be the authoritive, go-to place to solve this problem. Built in the Central Coast, for the Central Coast.
So this is for the Central Coast, why not expand?
Due to the nature of this being an application that can have the potential to have many users outside of the Central Coast, very seldomly it seems that an online service is built for a specific region or location. We believe the value of this app for citizens is knowing that if they post or search for something on Central Coast Classifieds that it will be utilized by the same Central Coast community.
What cities are you targeting as Central Coast?
We are looking to serve the four regions of Monterey Bay, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. If you are citizen in any city of these regions, we are talking to you!

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